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National Bagg Radio

Join us as Ian talks to his friend Chris every week about the exciting and not so exciting days of their lives.


Feb 20, 2018

Ian and Chris discuss Ian's weekend in Lexington, where Chris made the 5 hour trek to kick it! Fantastic weekend of shows, great people, and an overall great weekend. The guys get into Ian's trolling tendencies on Facebook, while also grading Ian's responses to 80's rock bands. Thanks for listening!



Feb 13, 2018

Ian tells us about his weekend in Medford, MA with Gabriel Iglesisas playing to a sold out theater. Ian finds out that despite the many pale faces, Boston brings a great crowd. The specifics of Ian's comedy and crowd work is dissected, spoiler alert... he'll keep going even if someone has a seizure. The guys end the...

Feb 6, 2018

Ian and Chris discuss Ian's new stand up special 'Conversations' that has dropped TODAY on iTunes. Check it out on cable, Amazon, and more. The guys get into a spirited chat about the underrated comedy 'Cedar Rapids' and who will Ian piss off this week in the comedy world?

Thanks to Kaeto Kaelin for NOT appearing this...

Jan 30, 2018

Chris and Ian are pumped to be a part of All Things Comedy! (Check out all the amazing comics & projects they back at The guys start off discussing Ian's weekend at Gotham Comedy Club in New York, discuss the state of comedy club bathrooms, Ian accuses Chris of not paying attention during a boring...

Jan 30, 2018

The hilarious Rachel Feinstein will not be joining Chris and Ian as they debut on All Things Comedy.